Rhyming Safari

SafariCOVER [Converted]

Here is a task for the very young

at home or in a classroom…let’s have fun!

Go on a safari and learn your ABC’s.

Finding fun facts and animals you will see.

Make it a game and learn to rhyme

Think very hard, this may take some time!

How could we celebrate Children’s Book Week anElephantd not include an ABC book? Many great memories are made learning the letters of the alphabet through picture books. We would like to celebrate that with a fun activity where kids will learn about animals and rhyme.

Start with an animal and then rhyme another word keep in the animal family by using animal sounds or animal traits. For Example:

Owl – Howl

Snail – Tail

Swan – Fawn

Don’t forget that you can read ABC Safari free this week only online click here! 


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