Children’s Book Week – 20 Questions

Have you voted for Children’s Choices yet?

We have, and although Arbordale doesn’t have a book in the running this year, we are visiting a previous finalist today with an activity for Sort it Out.

sort it out coverPacky Packrat has quite a collection and his mother has had it with the mess. He goes to work categorizing and sorting until everything has a place. These are math skills we use every day!

Twenty Questions…

For this group activity download the For Creative Minds section below and print out Packy’s sorting cards. On a board or desk have three categories Animal, Vegetable and Mineral.

Have a child pick a card and head to the front of the class, don’t reveal the item on their card, and say “It’s time for 20 questions.”  The child will answer yes and no to the questions as they are asked by the group until the object is guessed correctly. Then the child with the card will ask Animal, Vegetable or Mineral and place the card in the appropriate category once there is an agreement.

Compare the items in each category once the game is done and finish up  by showing how some items are more difficult to classify than others.

Sort_FCM1_Page_3 Sort_FCM1_Page_4



To learn more about Sort it Out check out the book page, and remember…there are only two days left until the free book with a purchase in the Arbordale online store expires!

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