Children’s Book Week – Storytelling

Henry Impatient Heron_COVER 2Today, we are featuring Henry the Impatient Heron. Henry is a young heron and he just cannot stand still. When he flies away from his family for the first time he tries and tries to stay still, but he has no luck and can’t catch anything to eat. It is only after meeting “the king of camouflage” and taking his wise advice that Henry is able to stand still, and finally he catches his dinner.

Have you had to overcome an obstacle like Henry? How did you do it?

Teachers, here is a great activity for English class and you can win a prize!

Write a short paragraph using the questions above to tell us your story. The top three will win a copy of Henry the Impatient Heron. Send your submissions to PR (@)

Get into the fun by reading Henry the Impatient Heron this week only for free!

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