Book Launch: Tornado Tamer


The truth has a funny way of coming out! In Terri Fields newest picture book Tornado Tamer, a town plagued by tornadoes hires a tornado tamer to build a cover. The weasel builds a cover, but tells the town that only those special and smart enough will be able to see the cover.

If this story sounds familiar, it is. This adaptation of The Emperor’s New Clothes incorporates tornado facts throughout the book and in the “For Creative Minds” section readers can even make their own tornado!

After researching tornadoes author Terri Fields wanted to share some amazing stories with readers:

tornadotamer_pic5The most extreme tornado winds can get up to 300 miles per hour. These fierce winds can destroy homes and buildings. They can uproot trees and plants. They can lift cars, trucks, and even trains. The wreckage tornadoes leave can be more than a mile wide and up to 50 miles long. No doubt, these wicked winds can create tremendous damage, and yet, there have been some amazing stories of what tornadoes did not destroy. To celebrate the release of the new picture book The Tornado Tamer, by Terri Fields, here are just a few of those stories.

  • In Charlotte, North Carolina, strong tornado winds tore three young children from their beds. Their house was knocked to the ground and torn apart. Amazingly though, when the three kids were found tossed far from their home, they had only a few minor cuts.
  • Tornado winds in Minnesota ripped off the roof of a house and sent it flying. Those same brutal winds caused heavy furniture to overturn. However, the homeowners found the cat bowls had not moved at all, and the water and the food in them were fine too.
  • In Kansas, a tornado plucked the feathers right off a flock of chickens.
  • An Alabama man was hurt in a tornado so badly that he was unconscious for three days. When he finally awakened, he remembered that he’d left his pants in his closet with $600 in a pant pocket. Since the house had been destroyed, he had little hope of seeing the pants or the money again. But his son found the pants stuck in a nearby fence, and all the money was still in the pocket!
  • In Oklahoma City, a woman went out to a parking lot to see that most of the cars had been smashed into each other, but to her delighted surprise, her car was fine. It was even still in the same parking spot she’d left it. There was just one difference; the tornado had stripped her car of its paint.
  • In Huntsville, Alabama, a woman was trying to get into her house, but the tornado struck before she could open the door. She pushed herself against the door and hoped for the best. After the tornado passed, she peeled herself from the door, only to see that her house had been destroyed, but the front door was still standing.

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