Summer of Fun: Hey it’s only 99 cents!



Do you want your child to go to the head of the class? We do too! That is why Arbordale Publishing has created Fun eReader, an online reading experience for kids and parents.

Each eBook brings nature, science and math into a story for young readers. If your child loves space, dinosaurs, or is fascinated by cats we have books filled with information tailor-made just for them. After that story, pages of fun activities help kids dive into some of the more complicated topics in the book creating a fun learning experience. Even parents can get in on the fun with memory games, or helping little ones make slime just like the creatures of the ocean.  These activities are opportunities for learning and family togetherness as parents relive their childhood memories and maybe even learn new facts right along with their kids! Although, when you are in need of a break and have mounds of laundry Fun eReader is a great way for kids to play and learn great reading skills in a safe digital environment complete with those answers to “why” and “how”.

Arbordale fully believes that creating a love for reading and sparking an interest in science and math at a young age is a recipe for success in shaping a child’s future.


Start reading today with our Summer Reading special all 99 eBooks priced at 99 cents each through September 30th, and they are available through Fun eReader on Google Play ( and iTunes (

Want to know more? Here are the features:

  • 99 Picture books available with bold easy-to-read text featuring stories with science and math themes
  • “For Creative Minds” a fact and activities section allows children to explore into the world of their favorite animal or character.
  • Read-aloud option can be turned on and off at any time during the story or speed control allows children to listen at their own pace.
  • Spanish and English language selection for language learning
  • More…button features videos, additional activities and related links
  • Create an account and access your eBook collection from any tablet or computer complete with all of these great features.
  • Compatible with iOS 6.0 on the ipad or 2.3 and up for Android

Visit to learn more about our mission to make science and math subjects loved by all!

“I love this app! My children are absolutely thrilled with the books and love learning about different animals, the ocean, and outer space.  I love that through reading stories, they are exploring science and math concepts. I have also used this app in my Spanish classes, and the students were very enthusiastic to learn and read with this fun app.” – Spanglish Baby

Facebook Contest…Enter to Win!

Don’t pass this up guys! It’s easy and fun, and you could win your own personal elibrary. Starting now through December 31, check out our facebook page and post on our wall.  All you have to do is write your favorite thing about reading or the holidays.  And hey, you could “Like” us while you’re at it!

For example my favorite thing about Christmas is the hot Russian tea at my hometown tree farm, and the smell of my favorite Christmas tree candle. 

If you are in the holiday spirit to share your favorite thing about the holidays, or your favorite thing about reading, do it now while you still have a chance to win! We will be giving out 5 free personal elibraries between now and the end of December.

With one click, these eBooks read aloud to the children and page-flip from the beginning of a story to the end. Put a child in front of this eLibrary, and they will “play” for hours on end reading and listening to wonderful, award-winning picture books. We encourage parents to take this excitement and discuss the “For Creative Minds” section at the end of each ebook with their child. Each book homepage also has 40-60 pages of cross-curricular Teaching Activities plus 3 Interactive Reading Comprehension and Math Quizzes.

And since I’m in such a holiday spirit, I can’t help but share the recipe to the best hot winter drink EVER!

  • 1 cup of instant tea
  • 2 cups of tang
  • 1 tsp of cloves
  • 1 package of Wylers lemonade mix
  • 1 1/2 cups of sugar (or less depending on taste)

Directions: Mix all of this together and keep it in a tightly sealed jar. Use 2 heaping teaspoons for one cup of tea.

And Wha Lah! There you have it…the best winter drink of all time!

Let’s Celebrate Antarctic Day!

Tomorrow, November 22nd, is Antarctic Day! This is a day to celebrate our neighbors way way south where the penguins and icicles play. This may be a nice place to visit, if you can handle the extreme cold, but I think it’s safe to say that none of us would want to live there.  Since we won’t be unpacking for good any time soon in the Antarctic, how about we give it its own special day and celebrate!

Here are some interesting and fun facts to get you and your kids excited about the Antarctic:

  • To avoid confusion, the Antarctic is the region around our Earth’s South Pole, while the Arctic region opposite it is around Earth’s North Pole.  Now which one does Santa fly from again? 
  • Did you know that that there are no polar bears in this southern region?  They only live in the Northern Hemisphere.  Penguins, on the other hand, are abundant in the Antarctic. 
  • The very first human to be born in the Antarctic was named Solveig Gunbjørg Jacobsen (have fun pronouncing that one!).  He was born on October 8 of 1913.
  • This region had no indigenous people living in it when it was first discovered
  • There are more tourists that visit the Antarctic each year than people who actually live there!

Well there you go! To find out more about the Antarctic, keep an eye out for our new title coming in February of 2012, called “The Penguin Lady,”by Carol A. Cole. In this picture book, Penelope Parker lives with penguins!  Short ones, tall ones; young and old—the penguins are from all over the Southern Hemisphere including some that live near the equator! Do the penguin antics prove too much for her to handle? Children count and then compare and contrast the different penguin species as they learn geography.

In the meantime, however, you can learn all about the Antarctic’s rival region, the Arctic, by checking out our wonderful title, “In Arctic Waters,” by Laura Crawford.  While reading this book, you and your child can follow polar bears, walruses, seals, narwhals, and beluga whales while they chase each other around the ice in the Arctic waters!  It is a pure delight to read aloud, and the “For Creative Minds” section helps children learn how these animals live in the cold, icy arctic region. 

Deep in the Desert Wins Silver Moonbeam Award

Deep in the Desert has just received a silver Moonbeam award!

The Moonbeam Awards are 100% dedicated to identifying the best children’s books published each year for the North American market. The Moonbeam Awards are one of the fastest growing U.S.-based award contests focused on children’s books. Award-winners appear for an entire year at Winners will also be featured in and highlighted prominently in their monthly newsletter, which goes out to more than 8,000 subscribers worldwide, many of whom are agents, buyers, and librarians.

Catchy desert twists on traditional children’s songs and poems will have children chiming in about cactuses, camels, and more as they learn about the desert habitat and its flora and fauna. Tarkawara hops on the desert sand instead of a kookaburra sitting in an old gum tree. And teapots aren’t the only things that are short and stout—just look at the javelina’s hooves and snout. Travel the world’s deserts to dig with meerkats, fly with bats, and hiss with Gila monsters! Whether sung or read aloud, Deep in the Desert makes learning about deserts anything but dry. Learn more by visiting

Rhonda Lucas Donald has written more than a dozen books for children and teachers including her most recent titles: Animal Rights: How You Can Make a Difference and Life on Other Planets. In addition, she has won awards for articles and stories appearing in Ranger Rick and Your Big Backyard magazines. Rhonda specializes in writing about science, and especially likes to write about animals and space. She fell in love with science as a kid, and read every dinosaur book in school library. Weaving science into verses and songs is her way of making it fun. Rhonda shares her Virginia home with husband Bruce, dogs Maggie and Lily, and her very dignified cats, Darwin and Huxley. Visit her website at

Sherry Neidigh, a graduate of Ringling School of Art and Design, has been freelasnce illustrating for over twelve years. Sherry’s love of animals and nature comes through in her bright, colorful art. In addition to illustrating Count Down to Fall (Fall 2009) and The Best Nest for Sylvan Dell, Sherry has illustrated several trade and education titles including Who Needs That Nose?, If I Had a Tail, and Black and White.  Sherry lives in South Carolina. Visit Sherry’s website at

Sylvan Dell’s “Fur and Feathers” is a 2012 Teacher’s Choice Award for Children’s Books Winner!









Learning Magazine has selected Fur and Feathers by Janet Halfmann and illustrated by Laurie Allen Klein, as a 2012 9th annual Teacher’s Choice Award for Children’s Books winner! 

The Teacher’s Choice Award is determined by a team of teachers from across the United States.  They judge the entries and provide reviews.  Sylvan Dell’s book, Champ’s Story: Dogs Get Cancer Too!  had the privilege of winning the Teacher’s Choice for the Family Award in November of 2011.  This is the only award that requires its judges to be both a teacher and a parent.  Winning titles are chosen based on qualities such as originality, creativity, safety and durability, and high-interest level and motivation for children. 

In Fur and Feathers, a young girl named Sophia dreams that strong winds whisk the fur and feathers right off her animal friends.  She decides to share some clothes with them, but as it turns out, her clothes don’t work so well on animals.  She offers to sew each one the “right” coat, and the animals line up to explain what they need and why.  Polar Bear needs white fur to stay warm and hide in the snow.  Fish needs scales, but with slime.  How will Sophia make a prickly coat for Porcupine?  This book brings animal coverings to life in an imaginative way.

Janet Halfmann is the award-winning author of more than thirty children’s books, both fiction and non-fiction.  Her other recent titles include Narwhal: Unicorn of the Sea, Good Night, Little Sea Otter, Little Black Ant on Park Street, and Seven Miles to Freedom: The Robert Smalls Story.  Janet is a memeber of the Society of Chidlren’s Book Writers and Illustrators.  Before becoming a children’s author, she was a daily newspaper reporter, children’s magazine editor, and a creator of coloring and activity books for Golden Books.  For more information, visit her website:

Laurie Allen Klein has been a freelance aritst for nearly 20 years.  Over the last several years, she has worked as the on-staff artist for a marine park, where she does everything from painting life-size sea animal murals, to illustrating children’s activity books.  In addition to Fur and Feathers, Laurie also illustrated Where Should Turtle Be?, the award-winning Little Skink’s Tail, and If a Dolphin Were a Fish for Sylvan Dell.  Her website can be visited at

October is National Collector’s Month! What do YOU collect?

Have you discovered the joy of stamp collecting?  Better yet, have you discovered the joy of collecting anything at all?  Now, I’m not talking about the junk mail that finds its way onto each and every one of our kitchen tables.  I’m talking about the collection of something meaningful, something that can offer knowledge and educate us, or simply be productive fun.

This month is your chance to get in the spirit, because October is none other than National Collector’s Month (…and Halloween of course)!  Did you know that stamp collecting just so happens to be the most popular hobby in the world?  Who knew?  And just like me, I bet you’re asking, “Why stamps?”  Well, they aren’t just little pictures on little sticky pieces of paper.  Stamps represent different historical events, people, and places!  It is the perfect stepping stone to learning as much or as little as you would like about the world. 

This is the perfect hobby to start young or with children, because it gives kids the chance to ask questions, and it’s a fun way to start.  It opens the door to so much history and information.  It may be a stretch, but if you let it, collecting can be like visiting other parts of the world from your own living room.  If you are looking for it, this is a wonderful experience to share with your children.  You can choose any way to start, which give you the opportunity to choose an approach that will interst your child the most.  For instance, you can focus the collection on a particular place or time period.  Here are a few specific areas of collecting to consider:

    • Topical (birds, castles, Disney, etc.)
    • Precancels (US or foreign)
    • Machins (Queen Elizabeth heads)
    • Perfins (stamps with holes punched into them)
    • Classics (stamps issued in the 19th century)
    • and so many more!

Reading with your kids about other collectors can be another great way to get them interested in a hobby of their own.  Sylvan Dell publishes a book called “Sort it Out!”  by Barbara Mariconda.  In this book, Packy the pack rat collects tons of things and has to sort them out.  To him, all of the things he has collected are treasures in some way special to him.  This book also includes interactive activites on sorting, categorizing, and classifying.  Check it out, and maybe your child will find something awesome to collect too!



A Hidden Silver Lining

Good new too all!  There may be a hidden silver lining to global warming…well, in the Arctic at least.  According to a new study, the persistent change in climate may very well improve the quality of air in the polar region.  This good news is rare seeing as global warming in the Arctic is increasing at a more rapid rate than in other areas of the planet.  Due to warming, air pollutants from industrial regions travel to the Arctic.  In turn, these pollutants only speed up the warming.  It is a vicious cycle! 

 Now, I’m sure you are asking, “Where is the good news?”  Well my friends, global rainfall is also predicted to be a widespread result of global warming.  Lucky for us, rain serves as a natural cleanser.  As said by the scientist leading this recent study, Timothy Garrett, “Precipitation is the atmosphere’s single most efficient way of removing particulate pollution.”  Raindrops take the pollutants with them. Simple as that!  Due to this redeeming natural occurrence, rainfall may already swipe pollution from the air before it even reaches the Arctic.

Read about another vicious cylce in our book, “In Arctic Waters,” by Laura Crawford.  I promise, this cycle is more forgiving and much more exciting!  Through this wonderfully illustrated book,  join in the rhythmic, building fun of Arctic animals as they play and chase each other around “the ice that floats in the Arctic water.”  What happens to interrupt and spoil their fun?  Go and see for yourself!


For even more fun with reading, dive into another one of our titles, “The Glaciers are Melting!” by Donna Love.  In this book, Peter Pika is sure the glaciers are melting and is off to talk to the Mountain Monarch about it.  Joined along the way by friends Tammy Ptarmigan, Sally Squirrel, Mandy Marmot, and Harry Hare, they all wonder what will happen to them if the glaciers melt.  Where will they live, how will they survive?  When Wiley Wolverine tries to trick them, can the Mountain Monarch save them?  More importantly, can the Mountain Monarch stop the glaceirs from melting?

In Support of National Childhood Cancer Awareness Day:

Tomorrow, September 13th, is National Childhood Cancer Awareness Day.  Cancer, more common in older people, does reach children as well.  Although no one really understands why young children get cancer, it is important that they always know it is not their fault.  Neuroblastoma, for instance, is one of the most frequent cancers in children today.  This disease attacks the sympathetic nervous system and spreads its harm to 650 children a year in the US.  One of the most devastating facts about this disease is that there is no cure.  Children with Neuroblastoma can undergo the most toxic form of chemotherapy, in search for the possibility of remission.  If remission does occur, however, there is no cure for relapse, a traumatizing and constant threat for children in recovery. 

Check out our book, “Champ’s Story: Dogs Get Cancer Too!” by Sherry North.  This book provides the perfect opportunity for you as parents to teach your children about cancer awareness as well.  In this inspirational story, although cancer affects a young boy’s dog, children can still learn it is a disease that can find anyone.  It teaches children about cells that may grow the wrong way inside of the body, as well as ways to comfort the sick.  A person may seem completely fine on the outside although they are sick inside.  It is never too early to inform children and make them aware.   

This day, of all days, can be one for you to help.  There are countless non-profit organizations in cities all over the country.  Finding one won’t be difficult. Volunteer opportunities are available all of the time.  Children need the help of others in order to chase after a cure.  For our followers here in Charleston, you can get active in your home city.  Follow this link to meet Chase, a strong young fighter, and explore opportunities to help in the community: Chase After a Cure.  For other followers, check out this more thorough list of organizations all over the country that are available to you!  It doesn’t matter who you are, you can help!

Holidays Make Great Excuses to Get Outdoors!

June has a number of great holidays!