A Puzzle for the Senses


When you visit your favorite restaurant can you smell the food even before walking inside? Can you feel the difference between the soft fur of a puppy and the cold wet nose? If a bright red bird swoops by, can you identify what kind of bird it is just by color? Should you pay to use your senses?

That is the premise for A Case of Sense; a new book by author Songju Ma Daemicke illustrated by Shennen Bersani. The book opens with a young boy playing outside, and greedy Fu Wang has cooked wonderful Chinese dishes with the smells wafting throughout town. He announces that the townspeople must pay for the smells and when they don’t he takes everyone to court! The judge has a clever way to deal with the case and readers might use a little logical reasoning to figure out the puzzle.

Saturday, Songju will be signing at the ISLMA conference in Tinley Park, IL from 2pm-4pm. In celebration, we have a fun little puzzle in logic and sight that might keep kids coloring for a little while!


Get out the markers or the crayons and color in the missing spaces. Remember that all the colors will be rows, columns, and squares of 9 without repeating!

Download the printable PDF version! 

Download the answers here!

Animal Bingo

Are you an animal expert? Do you think that you can figure out which animal is which and get five animals in a row to win BINGO? This Animal Bingo game is especially designed to test how well you know your animals. Print out a bingo card for each player, fill out your card from the list of animals below, and listen as someone calls out a clue for each animal. The first player to get five correct animals in a row wins!

Bingo ScreenshotClick to Download

Choose from this list of animals:

Sea Turtle Dolphin Giraffe Owl
Parrot Skink Bear Great Blue Heron
Wolf Moose Osprey Dog
Bat Panda Sea Lion Tiger
Polar Bear Frog Fish Gopher
Penguin Fox Shark Butterfly
Whale Opossum Monkey Lion
Elephant Hippopotamus Rhinoceros Pig
Horse Snake Deer Rabbit


Your next step is to print out the animal cards below:

Sheet 1

Sheet 2

Sheet 3

Sheet 4

Cut each card out and read each animal clue off. Once Bingo players have figured out the animal, they can mark it off on their Bingo sheet! First player to get five animals in a row wins!