Children’s Book Week – Storytelling

Henry Impatient Heron_COVER 2Today, we are featuring Henry the Impatient Heron. Henry is a young heron and he just cannot stand still. When he flies away from his family for the first time he tries and tries to stay still, but he has no luck and can’t catch anything to eat. It is only after meeting “the king of camouflage” and taking his wise advice that Henry is able to stand still, and finally he catches his dinner.

Have you had to overcome an obstacle like Henry? How did you do it?

Teachers, here is a great activity for English class and you can win a prize!

Write a short paragraph using the questions above to tell us your story. The top three will win a copy of Henry the Impatient Heron. Send your submissions to PR (@)

Get into the fun by reading Henry the Impatient Heron this week only for free!

Poetry Month Contest!!

AnimalPartners_187It’s poetry month. How are you celebrating…with a haiku, maybe learning a little iambic pentameter or free verse is fun too! Whatever your preference, we love the art of creating poetry.

That is why this month we are previewing the fall title Animal Partners. Who would have thought that learning about symbiotic relationships in the animal kingdom would be this fun?


Disastrous Dinner Party

The birds arrived by threes and fours,
promised an eating spree.
The plates and cups were all in place;
the food was fresh and free.
The hostess, in her feathered gown,
was pouring the plankton tea,
when all at once the dining table
sank beneath the sea!

Scotti Cohn highlighted some of the world’s most unique partnerships that occur in nature throughout this 32 page picture book, and just wait until you see how POETRY-200x200Shennen Bersani interpreted the verse! The book won’t hit shelves until September, but you can have your own fun with poetry this month.

Make up your own poem about an animal relationship and post it in the comments. We will choose a winner and they will receive and advance copy of Animal Partners!!

Learn more about Animal Partners and our other upcoming fall books here.