Spending A Day in a Forested Wetland


This weekend author Kevin Kurtz celebrated the launch of his fourth book in the “A Day in…” series with A Day in a Forested Wetland.


Since the book had so many intriguing creatures we thought that we would check out the wetland too! Although we didn’t run into a beaver or a caddisfly. A more scaley creature showed up in our path but quickly slinked into the murky water. See if you can find the alligator in this picture?


In the spirit of searching the wetland for animals, we created this fun word search. Can you name and find all the animals and one plant on the page? Have fun and if you need a reference, be sure to check out A Day in a Forested Wetland to learn all about the animals in the book. You can find it at arbordalepublishing.com.


And in other exciting news for Kevin Kurtz, his last book, Living Things and Nonliving Things: A Compare and Contrast Book was just named a finalist in the AAAS/Subaru SB&F Excellence in Science Books Prize for Children’s Science Picture Books! We couldn’t be more excited, and you can check out Kevin’s books and the other finalists here.

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