Predicting the Future through Science and Statistics


What do adventure seekers do before a hurricane? They surf!

But as some take advantage of the high surf, many others are trying to predict where the hurricane driving the waves will land on shore. At Arbordale, we work with many scientists including meteorologists that have vetted our books for accuracy.

Some of those are working tirelessly to keep residents of the coast safe right now. The job of predicting the direction of mother nature is not an easy task and requires hours of math and science classes.

If you are waiting out the storm like us at Arbordale. Test your prediction skills with some dice. How often do you predict the number that comes out on top? We bet that we can guess the probability. Here is a guide to the statistics behind the rolling of a die.

So if the math of predicting the future of one six-sided object is complicated, can you imagine the math behind predicting wind, rain, and exact timing of a hurricane?

Right now, Arbordale’s offices are closed due to hurricane Florence, but we can’t help but to give our readers a short booklist even while we are out! If your kiddos want to learn some interesting facts based on hurricane research, Ready, Set…Wait is a perfect book to explore what animals as they sense the danger of the impending weather. If you want to learn a lot more about the math behind meteorology here are a couple great reads!

Stay safe, and our thoughts are with everyone riding out the storm.




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