Monarchs Moving South!

butterflyEach fall and spring we may stay put in our houses, but there are many animals on the move to their seasonal home. Although many animals migrate, one of the most mystical events is the monarch’s journey to Mexico.

Some of the tiny insects will fly about 3,000 miles before they reach their final destination. Many butterflies will be reaching their destination very soon, but many are still on the journey and it is a sight to see.

If you live in the Southeast head outside to catch the end of the migration season. Watch the butterflies fluttering their way south one after another, sometimes they appear to be chasing each other and playing. Others are on a mission to make it to a warmer climate!

If you want to learn more about butterflies and migration here are a few books that may peak your interest!

A Butterfly Called Hope
ButterflyHope_187 The colorful flowers in Mama’s garden reveal a strange-looking creature. “What is it? Does it sting, does it bite?” Join in this photographic journey as the young girl and her mother care for the caterpillar. Watch as it transforms into a chrysalis and then emerges as a beautiful monarch butterfly. How can the young girl “claim” the butterfly as her own but still let it go free?

On the Move
OnTheMove_187Imagine seeing hundreds of the same type of animal gathered at the same place and at the same time! Right here in North America many animals gather in huge numbers and can be seen at predictable times and locations. Not all migrations are tied to seasonal food changes—some are tied to life cycles and the need to gather in huge numbers. Certain birds, reptiles, mammals, amphibians, fish, and even insects migrate during spring, summer, fall, or winter. Travel along with them as you learn about what puts these animals On the Move.

Ten For Me
TenForMeTwo friends take off on a butterfly hunt, only to find themselves tangled in a mathematics net! Written in rhyme, award-winning author Barbara Mariconda takes you along as the narrator Rose and her friend Ed race to see who can catch the most butterflies on this addition adventure. “How many in all? Let’s add them again!” shout the butterfly hunters. Who will win? Ten for Me makes math fun, easy, and entertaining, while adding a touch of the natural world into cross-curricular education.

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