New Books and New Reviews

We have had a busy year so far we have released 15 books and we have seven more on the way. We appreciate all the comments from editors, reporters and bloggers. I have shared a few favorites here, enjoy!


Achoo_187Feathered Quill Book Reviews
“This is a fun book that will teach young children about pollen and why we need it. Of course many children who are allergic to some forms of pollen might not find it useful, but they will adore Baby Bear. He sneezes here and there throughout this highly informative book, one that makes it easy for children to understand the pollination process. The artwork is fun, vibrant and the picture book format makes it easy for even the most reluctant reader to learn some very interesting facts.”


AnimalMouths_187NSTA Recommends
“Teachers and their young students will eat this book right up! It offers K-3 students a unique and exciting opportunity to get an up close and personal view of the many types of animal mouths in nature. It stands out among other books of its type because of the stunning photographs and interesting descriptive text that conveys content information about the structure and function of animals’ mouths.”


Fibonacci_187Outnumbered 3 to 1
“This book is absolutely fantastic at teaching the basics of Fibonacci’s sequence to younger kids. So well laid out and with the perfect illustrations to accompany it. My oldest has always had a thing for math and she thinks this book is “so cool I can’t believe I’m learning this.”


PrimateSchool_187Goodreads Review
“Readers will quickly realize just how intelligent primates are and how they can grow bored easily with nothing to do. The photographs from various zoos in the United States feature some primates such as the golden lion tamarin and the white-cheeked gibbon that I have not often seen featured in nature books before. There are many shots of the animals and the zoo keepers hard at work–or play, depending on one’s perspective.”


ThisLand_187ACS Readers Haven
Catherine Ciocchi has written in rhyming cadence a sweet and simple geography lesson. Kids won’t even realize that they have just had a lesson in geography. This is educational entertainment done well.


WandrngWoolly_187Literary Classics
“This is a lovely book which incorporates learning about the Woolly Mammoth while teaching an understanding of the importance of staying close to an adult for safety’s sake. Gabriel has skillfully blended fact and fiction in this book which young boys and girls are sure to connect with on many levels. This book is highly recommended for home and school libraries and for classroom reading.”

Read more reviews by visiting each book’s homepage, and check out our upcoming books ready for reviewing this fall!


If you would like to review an Arbordale book for your blog or magazine please leave a note in the comments.

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