Fall is Here: Have fun with nature

photo 1

Today is the autumnal equinox and it is officially fall. Soon enough we will be putting away the shorts and bringing out the sweaters and coats. While we are not at the peak of the fall foliage season here are a few crafts and activities to gear up for the season.

Finger print tree

photo 2What you need:
A canvas, or heavy piece of paper
small stick or branch from a tree
finger paints, or stamp pad in brown, red, green, yellow

Glue the branch to the canvas or paper then have a child put their fingers in the paint and randomly place fingerprints along the branch to create leaves.

Leaf Imprint

What you need:photo 2
A piece of copy paper
Leaves of different sizes

Make a collage of leaves place the copy paper over the leaf and take a crayon color back a forth to reveal the veins and shape of the leaf. Color one per page or multiple leaves for a collage of fall foliage.

Acorn painting

photo 1What you need:
craft paints and glitter
paint brush
glass container

Gather acorns from your yard or on the ground choose fun colors and paint the round part of the acorn or use glue and cover the acorn with glitter. After you have painted your acorns let them dry and then display them in a clear glass container for a fall centerpiece.

And then after these fun crafts learn more about fall leaves in Fran Hawk’s book Count Down to Fall. Find the for creative minds activities here!

Count Down to Fall_COVER_3

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