5 ways to spend the long weekend outdoors

Labor Day weekend is often referred to as the unofficial end to summer. It is a weekend to celebrate hard work, but this weekend is historically about having fun as well. So…if you are looking for a few ways to take the family outdoors and spend more time in nature here are some suggestions.

Go Camping
Plan a trip, or just pitch a tent in the backyard – camping is a great way to spend quality time together as a family. Have fun building a campfire and sharing stories or stargazing.

Play Lawn Games
Bocce, croquet, and Frisbee are all fun activities that can even teach simple physics and geometry skills. If you don’t have the equipment for those games, play leapfrog, hide and seek, or have a scavenger hunt!

Parks are a great place to lace up your sneakers grab a trail map and go on a hike. Even NYC has Central Park filled with acres of green space to be explored. For more adventurous

explorers visit the National Parks and check out rock climbing or nature observation spots.

Keep your nose to the ground and find interesting rocks, then cover your picnic table with newspaper set out painting supplies and let kids create a small colorful rock garden!

Go Berry Picking
Many farms offer fun activities and pick your own seasonal fruits. Blackberries are celebrated this month and it is the start to apple season. After your day on the farm, spend the afternoon baking as a family!

And if the weather just isn’t cooperating stay indoors and read a great book! Have a wonderful holiday weekend!

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