Back-to-School Non-Fiction Reading List

Now that we’re all set with our fiction reading list, it’s time to get into some of our favorite non-fiction books, too!

ReadySet_cover2 DayDeep_187 DinoTracks_187
Ready, Set…WAIT! | A Day in the Deep | Dino Tracks

Ready, Set…WAIT!: Hurricane season lasts until the end of November. Although we humans are aware of oncoming storms by watching the news, how do animals know when they need to prepare for a storm? Read this story about how various types of animals are able to sense, react, and prepare for a hurricane.

A Day in the Deep: We learn about all of the animals on land all of the time. But what about some of the creatures that live thousands of feet below the sea? Read this book to learn about some of the crazy sea creatures that live underwater!

Dino Tracks: Impress all of your friends on the first day of school with your knowledge of fossils and dinosaur tracks after reading this dino book!

Carolina_187 AnimalHelpersRehab_187 PrairieStorms_187
Carolina’s Story | Animal Helpers: Wildlife Rehabilitators | Prairie Storms

Carolina’s Story: Humans get sick often, but did you know that sea turtles can also get sick? Read all about Carolina and how she was treated at a Sea Turtle Hospital.

Animal Helpers: Wildlife Rehabilitators: Do you love animals? Want to learn how you can help animals out? Check out our Animal Helpers series and learn the many facilities that you can work with to help animals!

Prairie Storms: This book tells you all about how prairie storms change over the months and how different animals are able to adapt to the climate changes.

Find out more about these books and all the others that Arbordale has to offer here!

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