Happy Friendship Day!

Yesterday, August 3rd, was International Friendship Day! The first Friendship Day was celebrated in 1919, after Hallmark created the holiday as a means of sending cards to your friends to let them know that you appreciate them. However, the tradition died out in the United States around 1940 and didn’t regain popularity again for many years.

The idea of a Friendship Day had stayed prevalent throughout Asia and it became a fun tradition for friends to give each other “friendship bands.”

It wasn’t until 2011, though, that the United Nations finally recognized International Friendship Day as a worldwide holiday. Although the UN set the date for July 30, most countries celebrate Friendship Day on the first Sunday in August.

To celebrate this year’s friendship day, why don’t you make your own friendship bands? Here’s a great list of fifteen friendship bracelets that you can make yourself!

Or you can read a book all about making jokes with friends like Moose and Magpie!

Moose and Magpie_COVER2Click to view

Regardless of how you choose to celebrate Friendship Day, be sure to tell all of your friends that you’re happy that they’re your friends!

Happy Friendship Day!

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