5 Ways to Get Your Kids Reading

We all know how beneficial reading is to our children’s education. Even from their infancy, we should be continuously reading to them and encouraging books. Unfortunately, it’s not uncommon for our kids to start finding more and more activities that they’d rather be doing than reading. Especially over summer break, books are not our kids’ top priority. But there are ways to fix that! Follow these five tips in order to get your kids back into reading.

1. Give them easy access to books.
It doesn’t matter what age your child is–they should be able to easily grab a book. Even toddlers should have accessible book stacks to rummage through. Keep a bookshelf in the family room full of children’s or young adult books for your kids to grab and sit down with. Books should be more accessible than the TV remote. Another idea is to always keep a couple of books next to your child’s bed and encourage her to read a little bit each night.

2. Set aside reading time as a family.
There is no better motivational tool to get your kids to read than for them to see you reading. It’s even better if you make it a family activity. Your kids may gripe and groan at first, but as long as you find them a book that they’ll enjoy, it won’t be long before they look forward to reading time. You could simply read in your family room or you could make a day of it and head to the beach or the park–books in tow.

3. Give books as gifts.
Kids love anything wrapped up with a bow. Anytime a birthday or Christmas comes around, include at least one book in their gifts.

4. Visit the library regularly.
You could even help your kids to sign up for their own library card! If you make a weekly or biweekly trip to the library, your kids will come to look forward to it. A building full of books encourages kids to read like no other. Many libraries also have activities like story time. Be sure to check with your librarian to see if they offer anything that your kids would enjoy.

5. Help your kids to find books that they will love.
No one is going to enjoy reading if they’re not into a book. Disliking a book turns reading into a chore. There are many online resources that can help you find books based on what your child is into. Each time you go to the library with your kids, you should help them to find a good book if they’re struggling. The best way to love reading is to love what you’re reading.

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