Summer is here!!

School is almost out and the fun begins, but before you dive into the pool for the season here are a few days to celebrate and help the environment as well.

First up, June is the National Zoo and Aquarium month. The perfect way to see animals from all over the world and meet the keepers that take care of these animals is to visit. Go to the Association of Zoos and Aquariums to find a zoo or aquarium near you. If you can’t visit, read Animal Helpers: Zoos or Animal Helpers: Aquariums to learn about those that care for wild animals every day.
Find a zoo or aquarium at

World Oceans Day is June 8th and a great day to recognize how important the world’s largest body of water is to our survival and the animals that live there. Events are happening around the country as well as online. Take a “Selfie for the Sea” or enter the photo contest to support conservation of the ocean. Learn more at

Meteor Watch Day is June 30th and a perfect night to go outside and watch the sky. Take this day to learn about meteors and other objects in the sky. Download a sky map app and look at star formation or a perfect way to prep for meteor day is to read Pieces of Another World, check it out here.
Learn more about meteors



You don’t have to have a national day to celebrate the earth, nature or the environment. Summer is the perfect season to take a hike and identify plants and animals. Share your outdoor ideas with us and you may win a book for summer reading!


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