Heading to Bookexpo this week?

Arbordale will be there for all the fun! Because there is so much to see during the four day conference here is a guide to the Arbordale happenings in NYC and online.

If you are lucky enough to be in the Javits Center stop by and see us at booth #1774. We have a limited number of fall 2014 galleys to give away, two authors will be signing, and plenty of fun picture books to preview for 2014. Plus, if you haven’t tested our eBooks learn more from publisher and passionate developer Lee German about our digital capabilities.

Preview our fall season with these galleys:

Dino Treasures
DinoTreasures_128By Rhonda Lucas Donald, illustrated by Cathy Morrison
Just as some people dig and look for pirate treasure, some scientists dig and look for treasures, too. These treasures may not be gold or jewels but fossils. Following in the footsteps of Dino Tracks, this sequel takes young readers into the field with paleontologists as they uncover treasured clues left by dinosaurs. Readers will follow what and how scientists have learned about dinosaurs: what they ate; how they raised their young; how they slept, fought, or even if they ever got sick. True to fashion, the tale is told through a rhythmic, fun read-aloud that can even be sung to the tune of Itsy Bitsy Spider.

The Ghost of Donley Farm
GhostFarm_128By Jaime Gardner Johnson, illustrated by Laurie Allen Klein
Rebecca, the red-tailed hawk, is not afraid of ghosts! One night, she bravely ventures into the barn to meet the famous ghost of Donley Farm. But when she finally meets him, Rebecca is surprised to discover that this “ghost” is much more familiar than she’d expected.  Join Rebecca as she stays up late to talk with her new friend and find out what they have in common and how they are different.

Little Gray’s Great Migration
LittleGray_128By Marta Lindsey, illustrated by Andrea Gabriel
Little Gray loved his lagoon and the humans who came to visit him there. One day, Mama announces that they must swim north to a far-away sea. At first he is sad to leave his home, but Little Gray soon realizes the importance of their journey.  What happens along the way and how does Little Gray help his mother? Swim along with Little Gray as he finds the way to this special, food-filled sea.

Did you read and love The Fort on Fourth Street or The Shape Family Babies, meet authors Kristin Haas and Lois Spangler this week as well as they sign books for the crowd.



In addition to the NYC events we will share a giveaway online with Armchair BEA, and follow along this week as they host twitter parties, Instagram contests and interesting agenda topics! Check it out and participate with us!

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