Happy National Polar Bear Day!

It is National Polar Bear Day! Sylvan Dell is celebrating this incredible animal in two ways this spring season, but before we get to the books here are a few fun polar bear activities that you can do to celebrate the day.

  • Make a cotton ball bear! Learn about the features of a bear and talk about their adaptations while using cut outs and cotton balls to create fluffy bear faces. Paper plates or just a cardboard circle are great for a base and then kids can glue cotton balls for thick fur and buttons for the eyes and nose.



  • Pom pom bears are also a fun craft and simple for young kids. Two large pom poms are glued together with four small ones attached to the bottom pom pom make the bear. Add googly eyes and a black nose to finish the project.

It is great to learn about polar bears while you are crafting, and you can read Kali’s Story: An Orphaned Polar Bear Rescue, or Polar Bears and Penguins to inspire a love for this animal.  Also, check out the web page for these books.  Here you will find the For Creative Minds section and teaching activities for great ways to incorporate fact filled discussions into fun filled craft time.

See more fun crafts from around the internet on our Polar Bear Pinterest Page!


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