A Little Science for Your Valentine

ValentinesFlowersA gift of red roses symbolizes love; yellow warmth and happiness, white represent innocence and purity. But what if you have daisies, tulips or carnations? They can be any color you choose with just a few supplies you can change the color of your valentine’s flowers.

Cut flowers can live a short time in a vase of water, but white flowers will change colors in a vase filled with a mixture of water and food coloring. This simple experiment is both fun and educational!

So why do the flowers change color? It is a process called transpiration. The flowers need water to stay alive, so just like sucking water through a straw the flowers pull the colored water through their stem to the petals. After the water evaporates they draw in more water and after this process is repeated over a few days the water leaves behind a new hue!

After the flowers begin to change color, pull one out of the water and inspect the tubes that have been taking in the water, they tend to be much darker in color than the petals. If you are very adventurous take open up the stem and investigate all the parts of the plant.

For more discussion on plants and their needs Sylvan Dell has two great resources The Tree that Bear Climbed, and Daisylocks, which is due out on February 20th. Enter to win a copy on Goodreads!

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