Merry Christmas

flying bird2Today is a day filled with celebration and tradition. Here is a fun quiz to test your Christmas tradition knowledge from different cultures around the world. Message us the answers and win three Sylvan Dell books of your choice.

1. In this country St. Nicholas visits during the eve of December 5th and children leave shoes on their windowsill to be filled with goodies.

2. In Greenland Christmas is celebrated with traditional foods including ‘Kiviak’ a type of arctic bird, and ‘Mattak’ made from this marine animal.

3. Siggiewwi is a village in this country dedicated to St. Nicholas.

4. On New Year’s Eve in Russia children gather around the New Year’s Tree and hold hands to call for ______________ and ____________.

5. In Greek Kala Christougenna means. (Merry Christmas)

6. In this country, only a small population of residents celebrates Christmas by decorating a banana or mango tree in their home. (Egypt)

7. Santa had eight tiny reindeer pull his sleigh; these Norwegian deer are dwarf sized and possibly part of Santa’s fleet. (Svalbard)

8. In Italy the Epiphany is the main night for presents and ________ comes to houses and brings presents for children. (Befana)

9. In Argentina paper decorations called _______ are lit and float into the sky (globos)

10. In this country the Christmas Eve is a day to fast and the first meal of the day is not eaten until the first star appears in the sky. (Poland)

Bonne Chance!

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