Celebrate the Little Things in Life

If you have visited the Sylvan Dell calendar of special days online, you know when cephalopod awareness day is, or even squirrel appreciation day. Many days on this calendar celebrate the animals in our stories, but this week we are celebrating ways to help others in our community.

While on Monday we celebrated the national holiday of Veteran’s Day, today is a lesser known day to celebrate kindness. World Kindness Day is November 13th, although we should be kind to others every day. Today we can do something special for our friends, family or even strangers to teach children about kindness. Here are a few suggested activities to celebrate World Kindness Day!

–          Write a letter telling someone how special they are to you

–          Give a small gift to an unsuspecting friend

–          Help someone in need by carrying groceries, holding open the door or crossing the street

–          Volunteer for a community program

If you subscribe to Fun eReader or have Sylvan Dell books here are a few suggested titles to read for World Kindness Day:  Tudley Didn’t Know, How the Moon Regained Her Shape, or any of the Animal Helpers series.

Your Environment Needs Help!

 On November 15th we celebrate recycling with America Recycles Day! While many children know that it is good to recycle, or which bin to put the “special trash” into. They may not know exactly why recycling is important. Friday is a great day to show kids why the environment needs that trash to go in a different bin, and there are events across the country to celebrate this day. Check out the America Recycles event listings to find ways to celebrate near you http://americarecyclesday.org/join-an-event. For a different take on recycling read Nature Recycles: How About You? to find out how animals recycle in their habitat.


Celebrating kindness and care for the environment is a great introduction to the true reason we gather as a family later this month and give thanks.

Find more great holidays to celebrate on the calendar of special days http://www.sylvandellpublishing.com/SpecialDays.htm.


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