Is there Anybody Home?

Polly ‘Possum is desperately searching for a new place to call home before her babies come! As Polly explores different real estate options, author Marianne Berkes and illustrator Rebecca Dickinson creatively sneak in a little lesson on diurnal and nocturnal animals as well as various types of forest-living animal dwellings. Berkes keeps readers continually anxious as Polly repeatedly finds something wrong with each home she comes across. Will she ever find a place in time?

You too can take part in the search with this Anybody Home? inspired scavenger hunt! Simply print out this flyer, grab a pen, and head outside to check off each item on the list. Be ready for some obstacles just like Polly had during her search. Play by yourself or take on the challenge with a group of friends, but don’t wander too far from home! The list includes items such as a bird’s nest, a beaver’s dam and a squirrel. Also, try to think of additional items to find not on the list. Once everything that you found has been accounted for, show off your scavenging skills to your parents and teachers!


To read more about Polly Possum check out the book page here:


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