Monarch Madness: Facts about an Incredible Insect

ButterflyHope_187Officially launched to yesterday, A Butterfly Called Hope by Mary Alice Monroe with butterfly expert Linda Love and photography by Barbara Bergwerf is sure to inspire young entomologists out there.

Kick off the school year with this fun book about a young girl and her experience with the amazing journey of a Monarch Butterfly! This book not only shows the entire metamorphosis of a caterpillar becoming a butterfly, but it also provides interesting facts for readers to learn more about these flying beauties. This is the fourteenth book by New York Times best-selling author Mary Alice Monroe, and features incredible photographs by Barbara Bergwerf that document Hope’s entire journey in raising a butterfly.


Curious for more? Here are some fun and interesting facts about Monarch Butterflies:

-Did you know that Monarchs go through four generations each year?

-Did you know that Monarchs are the only insects that can migrate up to 2,500 miles?

-Did you know that Monarchs are actually poisonous as a defense against predators, but are harmless to humans?

-Did you know that male Monarchs have black spots on their wings, and the females don’t?

-Did you know that Monarchs migrate during the winter to warmer climates like Mexico and Southern California?

-Did you know that the first 3 generations of Monarchs only live up to 8 weeks, but the fourth generation can live up to almost a year?

-Did you know that climate change is a threat to Monarchs? Wetter climates during the winter can cause Monarchs to freeze to death because they can only survive in dry winter climates.

Do you want to learn more fun facts about butterflies visit the webpage and download the free For Creative Minds section and Teaching Activities where you can even learn how to raise your own monarch butterfly!

Send us your favorite butterfly fact and you will be entered to win a copy of A Butterfly Called Hope!


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