Publisher Turned Bookstore for One Weekend


As you may have read last week Sylvan Dell set up a small store in the local mall and put on a back-to-school sale. We now have a new appreciation for those booksellers that we work with every day.

As we packed up titles, prepped our décor, and hung the signs the anticipation grew to meet our customers. Since it was South Carolina’s tax free weekend the mall was busy with families bustling about buying paper and pens for school. Parents were happy to bring kids in to play with the stuffed animals and pick out a book about their favorite animal.

Finding that favorite animal was sometimes difficult and many children gave us a challenge. One little boy marched right into the store and said he needed a frog book. We had one, but he wanted more – as we made our way through the store he rejected every book and with the suggestion of a book about turtles he was done shopping – no turtles were aloud in his library.

Parents were excited to find the educational aspect to the books and grandparents picked gifts for their grandchildren going back to school. With each family that came into the store however, it was clear who was in charge and the 4, 5 and 6-year-olds made the decisions. As we develop eBooks and the digital world expands, it was great to see excited little faces as they walked away with a new book.

This week we sit in our offices planning for a new season of books and we are wiser for meeting the little shoppers of Charleston. It was a rewarding experience for all in the Sylvan Dell office and thank you to all the families, teachers and parents that stopped by to say hello!




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