Are You Recycling?

NatureRecycles_187Throughout Nature Recycles: How About You? we meet all types of animals that use discarded items from their environment and put them to good use. From the common to the unusual Nature Recycles explores a wide range of animal recycling activities. An elephant puts the banana leaves found on the ground to a useful task, a hermit crab moves into a discarded shell as a new home when the previous one gets too small, and the dung beetle uses rhino poop to feed hatchlings and adds nutrients to the earth in the process. Each of these animals plus many more adapt to their environment and reuse natural elements in interesting ways, do you?

If a tiny larva is able to recycle and build a protective house, do we humans do enough to reduce waste and adapt to our environment. Recycling is more than filling a bin with bottles, cans and paper for the trash collector. It’s about reducing waste and protecting our planet for the future.  You can create a compost of organic material, buy new items made from recycled materials or make your own new items from things around the house.

Here are a few planet saving recycling habits to adopt:

  • Carry a water bottle and fill it up with tap water. Only 13% of water bottles are recycled
  • Bring Your Own Bag –reusable bags cut down on all the plastic that goes into a landfill
  • Donate used clothing to local charities.
  • Participate in electronic buy-back or take back programs
  • Buy recycled products
  • Use recycling bins and place them throughout your house post signs for proper sorting
  • Start a recycling program in your community!

Here is a fun craft to get you started recycling.

water bottle for detailed instructions.

If you would like to learn more about Nature Recycles: How About You?  or read it for yourself, visit

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