Celebrate: It’s Book Lover’s Day

Whether a picture book or a novel today is a perfect day to get cozy and pick up a book you have always wanted to read.

Today is a great day to read to your children, no matter the age it is important to have the interaction of reading together. In this digital age, it is nice to share ideas and take your imagination to new heights. Books are able to transport you back in time, to a faraway land or even lead to new curiosity right in your backyard. We have picked a few of our favorites for Book Lover’s Day and hope that you enjoy these also.


The Tree That Bear Climbed – by Marianne Berkes and illustrated by Kathleen Rietz This is the Sylvan Dell book of the month and a great repetitive text for young readers, children will be surprised by what Bear finds in the tree!

A Warm Winter Tail – by Carrie A. Pearson and illustrated by Christina Wald This fun story is a perfect read for a cold day.  When we are a bundled up in coats and scarves how funny we must look to a fox, or a bear, A Warm Winter Tail explores what animals do to stay warm in the winter.


Little Skink’s Tail-by Janet Halfmann and illustrated by Laurie Allen Klein Little Skinks TailVoted the Sylvan Dell classic by you, and always a crowd favorite; Skink tries out new tails after her bright blue tail is lost. Will she ever find a perfect fit? Imaginations go wild when reading Little Skink’s Tail.



Hey Diddle Diddle-by Pam Kapchinske illustrated by Sherry Rogers

This book will have you singing along and learning about the food chain in one habitat.  


The Giraffe Who was Afraid of Heights-by David A. Ufer and Illustrated by Kirstin Carlson This is a great tail for building confidence and overcoming fears. This young giraffe was afraid of heights and goes on a journey to overcome his fear.


The Rainforest Grew All Around-by Susan K. Mitchell and illustrated by Connie McLenn an So much to explore in the jungle and children love the unique plants and animals in this book. Sing along to the tune of “The Green Grass Grew all Around.”


Share a wonderful book lover’s day memory with your children. Click Here, and enter the code: GSR4KJ to read one of these Sylvan Dell books.


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