Animal Helper: Kathleen Woods

October is flying by, and our Animal Helpers Features are nearing the end. Today we are featuring Kathleen Woods of the Phoenix Wildlife Center. Kathleen shares advice for aspiring animal rehabilitators.

Name: Kathleen Woods

Name of organization/clinic:  Phoenix Wildlife Center

State: Maryland

 Specialty/special areas of experience: Bald eagles, most raptors, songbirds

 Years as rehabilitator/volunteer: 20

 Busiest time of year: March through August

Number of hours you work per week during your busy season:  80+

Number of volunteers in clinic:  10

Why did you become a rehabilitator/volunteer:  I found two baby robins and could not find anyone to take them to.  I also volunteered at Patuxent Wildlife Refuge on the whooping crane project and knew that I was “hooked”.

Most rewarding aspect of rehabilitation: Giving people information over the phone so they can NOT interfere, and having them call back and say it was successful

As a rehabilitator, what is the most common question you are asked?   If I touch it, won’t the mother reject it?

Favorite animal story:  I love all the everyday heroes who go out of their way to rescue an animal and bring it here. 

What advice would you offer to children considering a career in wildlife rehabilitation:  Volunteer, read alot about the field, and consider a degree in biology or animal science, or vet school.  Take animal care classes over the summer at a local Nature Camp. 

Remember meet Kathleen and all the other rehabilitators in Animal Helpers: Wildlife Rehabilitators, which  is FREE to read unitl October 31st online at

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