Back to School

It seems like yesterday we were buzzing about summer reading programs, and now the time has come to go back to school for new teachers, new tests and new challenges.

Before we jump into the everyday grind that back to school brings, Sylvan Dell has one last summer fun reading event. The winner will receive a prize package with one of our educational books and stuffed animal.

For Kids only:

What is your favorite book?

What did you learn this summer through reading?

What is your favorite animal story?


Rules For Parents: The answers have to come from children.

You can submit by putting commenting here
send us a message on Facebook at!/SylvanDell
Or by mail at 612 Johnnie Dodds Blvd. Suite A2 Charleston, SC 29464

Thank you for participating!

One thought on “Back to School

  1. Okay, Straight from my grandson Cayden’s mouth (lol)
    Favorite book: Puss N Boots
    Learn from reading: I don’t know (lol)
    Favorite Animal Story: Down by the cool of the pond
    Why: I like frogs
    And there you have it (hehe), straight from a 5yr old (lol)

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