Sylvan Dell Publishing Defined

Seven years and 76 books later the definition of Sylvan Dell is just as difficult now as it was on day one.

The subject recently came up with a librarian, who as a reviewer was trying to classify a Sylvan Dell book. The story is fiction, almost! Scattered throughout the stories featuring cute animals, or space characters are a few scientific facts, some more obvious than others. Then each book has four to six pages of non-fiction material, strategically chosen to enhance those scattered facts. We understand that this concept does not make a teacher or librarian’s job easy.

The time spent reading to a child is very influential and important. Do you remember your favorite book from story time; could you recite every word? Sylvan Dell, inspired by this memory and concept, has taken one-step further into educating children, with our specialty being science and math.

In the Program for International Student Assessment, the United States ranked 17th in science and 25th in math. We focus on getting kids interested in these subjects at an early age. This is where the non-fiction “For Creative Minds” section of the book is helpful to parents, and children. For example, a parent is reading Home in the Cave and the child asks, “What is sonar?”  The parent has a resource in the back of the book and is able to look like an expert on the subject. In a similar function, consider that same child a few years later in the classroom learning about bats, they remember Baby Batand the concept of sonar.

However, learning about bats is not the only concept introduced in this book. Baby Bat is learning about growing up and facing fears, the secrets of his cave and how he is helping his habitat. There are many options when classifying a Sylvan Dell book, and we understand that many of our books have an identity problem in the education community. Bats, caves or life lessons where does Home in the Cave fit in lesson plans? The answer is any one of the above and with the common core focus of going beyond the text; teachers are able to draw out many concepts in just one lesson. We have resources to make a teachers job easier posted on our website and easily accessed on a Smartboard. The goal at Sylvan Dell is to make reading and learning fun.

For those teachers or librarians who would like more information or a listing of how our books fit into common core standards, reading levels or just the concepts in each book visit for resources or contact us for your specific needs at (877) 243-3457.


3 thoughts on “Sylvan Dell Publishing Defined

  1. As the author of 12–and counting–award-winning informational picture books that blend fact and fiction, It doesn’t make a teacher’s job easy as to where to place them. Have seen them in “Easy Books” under Berkes, in some libraries, and in the non-fiction section in others. But whatever you call them–creative non-fiction, narrative non-fiction, faction, these kinds of books published by SDP and my other publishers are books that help kids think and wonder, and are becoming more and more popular. Maybe educators can answer where they should put them! See great review from May 2012 Science Books &Films for Sylvan Dell’s “Animalogy” as to why teachers and librarians like these kinds of books.

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