To continue with the theme of how a book begins this week we consulted our experts and interviewed Sylvan Dell authors. What sparks your creativity?


“Everything!  I’m a naturally very curious person. In a single day, I can think of hundreds of ideas. For example, if I’m at a stoplight, I begin to wonder, “What if…. or Why?”  For example:

What if the car next to me suddenly disappeared?

Why are stoplights red/yellow/green?  Who first decided that?

What if it started to rain so hard that I couldn’t drive home?

I encourage parents to take advantage of time spent in a car with their children and try asking them “What if….” They might create a story before they even get home!” – Terri Fields

Terri Fields is the author of the August release The Most Dangerous as well as Burro’s Tortillas for Sylvan Dell.  A long-time teacher and award-winning author of books for all ages click here to learn more about Terri Fields.



“I am most creative in the morning – often very early – before my house wakes up.  Hot chocolate mixed with coffee in my favorite mug (given to me by my oldest daughter that reads, “Actually, I Am the Boss of You”) helps me be imaginative as does a cloudy day (versus a sunny day because then I want to be outside doing stuff!). I work through story lines and ideas when I’m in the woods or on the beach alone every day.  When I return to my computer, I’m ready to write.” – Carrie A. Pearson

A Warm Winter Tail due to hit shelves in August is Carrie’s first book for Sylvan Dell to. Carrie is an avid writer of nonfiction for Michigan Magazines, and winner of the SCBWI-Michigan Picture Book Mentorship Award. To learn more about Carrie A. Pearson click here.


“Listening to music that tells a story or delivers an emotion is what stirs my creativity. But when it’s time to write, I need to turn off the music so that I don’t hear anyone else’s words but my own!” – Kelly Kizer Whitt

Kelly Kizer Whitt’s first book for Sylvan Dell is Solar System Forecast due out in August. Read more of Kelly’s work in her online blogs about astronomy for Astronomy Today, Suite 101 and The Sierra Club. Click here to find more information about Kelly Kizer Whitt and Solar System Forecast.


Thanks to our authors for a look at what inspired their upcoming books!


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