Elephant Seals Helping Scientists

Drive along the Pacific Coast Highway and you may witness one of the great migrating animals. Elephant Seals come to the beaches near Big Sur, California to breed and molt each year. They are quite a site to see. Although the massive mammals appear to be lazy beach sunbathers, they to travel thousands of miles and dive deep into the ocean to find food, but they return to their beach each season.   

In another part of the world, these animals are working for scientists gathering data in the Antarctic on the Fimbul Ice Shelf.  The seals were able to collect impressive data, that otherwise would have been extremely costly and very difficult for a boat crew to brave the Antarctic winter.  With the new accurate information scientists were able to determine that the ice shelf is melting at a much slower rate than computer models originally predicted.

To read more about the American Geophysical Union’s findings at the Fimbul Ice Shelf click here. For more information about elephant seals click here. Sylvan Dell Publishing features elephant seals in the Book Water Beds, to learn more about this book click here.


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