Storms Bring New Animal Behavior

In anticipation for today’s blog, I looked to the weather. Living off the Carolina coast friends and family have been calling to ask about Alberto, and checking in on the weather here in Charleston, South Carolina. Although tropical storm Alberto just gave us a few clouds and a breezy day, it got us thinking about our book Ready, Set…Wait!: What Animals Do Before a Hurricane.

Alberto is long gone now, but how do the animals in my yard act when a storm is coming? So I paid attention, and the small alligator in my pond has been missing for the last few days. This brought back the mallards with their new babies. The mallards were a comforting sight all winter, in our little pond and they disappeared once the reptile showed up this spring. They stayed while the clouds were above, and just as soon as they came, they were gone and I noticed the small alligator swimming again. I was hoping for a big rainstorm, which usually brings the river otters to play for a day or two, and then they disappear back to the river as well.

Before working here, I would notice the wildlife, but not think much of the behavior, since reading books like Ready, Set…Wait! I am more aware of nature’s habits around my yard.


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