Sylvan Dell Publishing is excited to have touched more than 6,500 children, teachers and parents with almost 20,000 eBooks read during Children’s Book Week.

In celebration of Children’s Book Week Sylvan Dell offered all eBooks free, bringing science and math learning to children in and out of school. The Sylvan Dell site offers readers the leisure of flipping and reading, or auto flip with audio in either English or Spanish. Each book has a For Creative Minds section of custom teaching activities, where parents or teachers are able to guide children through the scientific or mathematical facts in the book.

By the numbers, Sylvan Dell saw an increase in eBooks and reading during Children’s Book Week. The total books read were 19,751, with 18,887 English e-reads and 864 Spanish e-reads. The top five books read included, Gopher to the Rescue, Big Cat Little Kitty, The Penguin Lady, Home in the Cave and My Even Day. Math themed books were also a big trend during Children’s Book Week, with the series My Even Day, One Odd Day and My Half Day leading the pack.

Sylvan Dell Publishing is on a mission to create picture books that excite children’s imaginations, are artistically spectacular and have educational value. We have a special interest in bringing science and math to children through quality literature. Founded in 2004 Sylvan Dell is growing quickly, working with more than 80 authors and illustrators, including 70 titles and many more in production. The science and math through literature program is an essential component of our mission integrating science, math and geography with reading, character skills and language through fun cross-curricular activities. Sylvan Dell is proud to be the leader in providing online educator resources in addition to award winning titles.


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