Endangered Species Day is Coming

Sylvan Dell is looking forward today to the celebration and awareness of our endangered species.

In Charleston, at South Carolina’s beaches we are very aware of the need to protect the loggerhead sea turtle. Every year several injured turtles are brought to the aquarium where a dedicated staff of rehabilitators care for these sick turtles. Turtle protectors, seek out nests and place warning signs, so that no nest is disturbed and the baby sea turtles can escape to the ocean when ready.

We have seen on our coast the difference that caring for animals can make in preserving a species, and how exciting it is to release a healthy turtle back into the wild, or watch a baby turtle make a run down the beach to the ocean.

A Fun Learning Activity for Children: Have kids identify  what animals are endangered in your area?  Then get outdoors and learn about their environment, and where animals live.  If a zoo is close by they are great resources for learning about endangered animals. You can even volunteer with some rehabilitation groups, or attend programs aimed at educating kids about animals in danger.

If you would like to learn more about loggerhead sea turtles, read Carolina’s Story. Also, coming very soon Sylvan Dell will publish Animal Helpers: Wildlife Rehabilitators


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