Make Your Own Bird Feeders!

Bird feeders are not just for winter! Many species of wild birds are very active in the summer, so if you put these feeders out now, you will likely lure a wider variety of birds to your yard than you could in the winter. Try out any of these types of feeders and then sit back to enjoy the visitors that appear in your yard!

1. Tree Garland: Using a heavy string, natural yarn, or twine and a blunt yarn-type needle, string these bird treats: dried fruit, crab apples, peanuts (in the shell), cranberries, raisins, or popcorn. When finished, drape the garland in a tree or on a bush for the birds to enjoy.

2. Peanut Butter Pinecones: Attach a heavy string, natural yarn or twine to the top of a pinecone. Cover the cone with peanut butter or suet (purchase at bird-feed stores), press sunflower seeds or a birdseed mix into the peanut butter or suet. Hang from a tree branch.

3. Bird Platter: Take an aluminum pie pan and punch several nail-sized holes in the bottom (for drainage). Place the tin on top of an old hanging plant container and hang from a tree limb or a pole or simply place the pan on top of a fence or deck post. Cardinals like eating about 5 to 6 feet off the ground. With enough drainage holes, the seeds should be okay through most rains. Change the seeds if they get too soggy and wet.

4. Bird Buffet: Hammer non-rusting galvanized nails into a piece of wood – leaving an inch or two poking out. Nail it to the side of a fence or a pole. Place pieces of orange, lemon, apple, pear, or peach on the nails.

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