New Bat Species Discovered!

In Vietnam, scientists have discovered a new species of leaf-nosed bat. At first, the researches mistook it for a known species–the great leaf-nosed bat, which is often aggressive when captured. These little bats, however, had an unusually gentle demeanor around the scientists. So, they decided to examine them a little more closely.  As it turns out, these bats are genetically distinct from the great leaf-nosed bat, and are now known as Griffin’s leaf-nosed bat. Find this bat’s full story here:

If you want to learn even more about bats, Sylvan Dell has two great books for you! Check them out:

Little Red Bat follows the story of one young bat’s decision to migrate for the winter. He talks to  other animals about their winter plans and must decide what option will work best for him. In our spring 2012 book Home in the Cave, Baby Bat learns about the delicate balance of a cave ecosystem and comes to understand his important role in it.


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