‘Tis the Season For Some Superhero Parents

Undoubtedly you know it is THAT time of year again…especially if you have young kids.  Just yesterday I was at a T.J.MAXX in search of Christmas presents for my family and friends. It’s hard trying to make your money last when you have so many things on your list.  In fact, it’s impossible.  While there, I saw a father walking around with his young son.  He asked him to point out things he liked, things he wanted Santa to bring him.  Walking around, it was obvious that this man was making his own mental checklist…to pass along to Santa of course!  All I could think was: How is he going to remember a list when his kid is pulling everything he sees off the shelf?  It’s moments like these that I am tempted to walk up to a parent like him and say, Kudos to you, sir. Of course, I didn’t do that.  I’m not one to deliberately put myself in awkward situations.  Instead, when I noticed that most of the items his son was pulling from the shelves were books (!!!), I told him about Sylvan Dell Publishing and all of our exemplary elementary learning books.  The array of books on our website does not require a mental checklist, and it does not require picking up after a roudy child as they raid the aisles of T.J.MAXX.  AND for maximum stress relief, we do offer free gift wrapping…straight from Santa’s workshop…

Go to our online store now and choose the best way to further educate or introduce your child to science and math through literature.  At this time in the season, stores have become life-size anthills.  Don’t try to be a superhero and bust through the aisles like it’s nobody’s business…because you can’t.  I can already tell you that the massive checkout lines will be your kryptonite. Avoid the chaos with a few simple clicks, and…wahlah!  You can have some gift wrapped books at your door in no time.


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