Moving Forward to Fall and Revisiting the Past with Kids!

September 23rd, three days from now, will be the Autumnal Equinox!  Sit down with your child and take the chance to teach them something they may not know.  What better way to teach kids about this spectacular occurace that only comes twice a year?  They can observe and learn at the same time!  Check out our books, “Count Down to Fall,” and “Meet the Planets” to get your child interested in the changing of seasons and the world of the stars.  Through “Count Down to Fall,” by Fran Hawk, children can watch the vibrant falling of leaves all around and capture the majesty of the maple, the oak, the linden, and more!  Through “Meet the Planets,” by John McGranaghan, children can soar into the solar system and learn about the planets.  And those of you suffering from a mild case of nostalgia, don’t worry, it doesn’t forget to include our former ninth planet, Pluto! 

By visiting our website, you will also have access to numerous arts and crafts ideas as well as interractive quizzes for kids with budding creative minds.  Corresponding to this particular time of year, we have provided some free activities for you to enjoy with your child. Children can learn the identification of stems, roots, and seeds as well as their fuctions and purposes.  Who knows, you may even find something new to learn that you didn’t know!

Not only do we have the changing of the seasons occuring around us as we speak, but look out! September 28th is coming soon.  This day has been dubbed Read a Child a Book You Like Day.  Go ahead and visit your local library to check out one of your favorite books from your childhood!  This way your child will get to know a little piece of something you enjoyed at their age.

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