In Support of National Childhood Cancer Awareness Day:

Tomorrow, September 13th, is National Childhood Cancer Awareness Day.  Cancer, more common in older people, does reach children as well.  Although no one really understands why young children get cancer, it is important that they always know it is not their fault.  Neuroblastoma, for instance, is one of the most frequent cancers in children today.  This disease attacks the sympathetic nervous system and spreads its harm to 650 children a year in the US.  One of the most devastating facts about this disease is that there is no cure.  Children with Neuroblastoma can undergo the most toxic form of chemotherapy, in search for the possibility of remission.  If remission does occur, however, there is no cure for relapse, a traumatizing and constant threat for children in recovery. 

Check out our book, “Champ’s Story: Dogs Get Cancer Too!” by Sherry North.  This book provides the perfect opportunity for you as parents to teach your children about cancer awareness as well.  In this inspirational story, although cancer affects a young boy’s dog, children can still learn it is a disease that can find anyone.  It teaches children about cells that may grow the wrong way inside of the body, as well as ways to comfort the sick.  A person may seem completely fine on the outside although they are sick inside.  It is never too early to inform children and make them aware.   

This day, of all days, can be one for you to help.  There are countless non-profit organizations in cities all over the country.  Finding one won’t be difficult. Volunteer opportunities are available all of the time.  Children need the help of others in order to chase after a cure.  For our followers here in Charleston, you can get active in your home city.  Follow this link to meet Chase, a strong young fighter, and explore opportunities to help in the community: Chase After a Cure.  For other followers, check out this more thorough list of organizations all over the country that are available to you!  It doesn’t matter who you are, you can help!

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