New Possibilities Through Science and Literature

For the first time, scientists are closely studying  the Pacific leaping blenny.  Surely you are asking yourself, “What in the world is that?”  The leaping blenny, my friend, is a land dwelling fish that walks!  This fish lives and moves agily along the rocky coast of Micronesia.  While this fish breathes through its gills and skin, it still requires water to survive.  It has not completely leaped away from its evolutionary track.

Now that fish can walk, check out our book, “Tudley Didn’t Know,” by John Himmelman.  In this crazy adventure, a turtle named Tudley finds out he can fly, leap, and glow among other things.  He keeps discovering talents he never knew he had.  When it comes to it, he learns how to protect himself and open his friends’ eyes to new possibilities.

This book teaches a lesson that is inspiring for children of all ages.  If fish can walk and turtles can fly, then what’s stopping children from reaching  for new possibilities as well?

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