September is National Literacy Month

The month of September is National Literacy Month.  In celebration of literacy, our featured ebook for September will be “Animalogy: Animal Analogies.”  This beautifully illustrated book makes use of animals’ characteristics and actions to teach children about analogies.

Our homepage features a free ebook every month, so go and check it out!

Take advantage of this time with your kids and teach them different ways to make reading fresh and fun! There are all sorts of ways to get children excited about picking up the next new read.  Involve your child by reading with feeling and emotion, or letting them guess what may come next in the story.  Something as simple as this can make reading books a treat to look forward to daily, be it in the middle of the afternoon or right before bedtime.

Here are a few tips to practice with your children:

  • Spend time in conversation with your child to develop vocabulary and knowledge of the world.  Label what you see and explain how things work.
  • Read aloud with your child everyday. Don’t just make sure they understand what is being read, but how a book works.  For instance, we read from left to right, as well as from the front of a book to the back of a book.
  • Teach your child about letters and words.  Take notice of the words and letters in the world around you, whether it’s on a cereal box or a billboard.  Point them out to your child.  You can post their name in their room, and let them get familiar with the letters.
  • Play with language in order to help your child become familiar with rhymes and letter sounds.  Read them nursery rhymes and involve your child by seeing how many rhyming words you can think of together: dip, lip, sip, tip, trip, hip.  Use a series of words that start with the same letter (alliteration).  This will allow your child to start recognizing letter sounds. Ex) ‘Frank the ferret found a friend.’

Visit the Reading and Literacy Tips page on our website for more advice on reading to and with children of all ages!

3 thoughts on “September is National Literacy Month

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  2. Pingback: September is National Literacy Month (via Sylvan Dell Publishing’s Blog) « The Neophyte Writer

  3. Happy National Literacy Month!

    Would you please help us spread the word about this new early literacy/parenting book through your website. It is a useful tool geared for all caring adults who read aloud to young children-parents and grandparents, daycare providers, preschool staff, early childhood professionals, volunteers in literacy programs, and librarians. Working together to raise reading-ready children will help to reduce the adult literacy rate in our country as well as lessen the academic gap that many of our little ones face when entering kindergarten.

    Help Me Get Ready To Read: The Practical Guide For Reading Aloud To Children During Their First Five Years models parenting strategies and reading strategies that help little ones acquire the early literacy concepts and skills they need to get ready to learn to read; fosters their feelings of confidence and competence; and helps them become lifelong lovers of books and learning. It also provides book-related dramatic activities; rhyme, fingerplays, and song activities; and draw and write activities. In addition, there are 275 recommended books to read aloud to infants, toddlers, and preschoolers.

    Visit our website to learn more about our book and “Help Me Get Ready To Read” workshops:

    Looking forward to hearing from you.

    Happy Reading Aloud!
    Susan Marx and Barbara Kasok

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