Discovery of New Dinosaur Species!

The bones of an all-new species of tyrannosaurid dinosaur have been discovered in China. The Zhuchengtyrannus magnus is one of the largest predatory dinosaurs found and is comparable to its cousin, the infamous Tyrannosaurus Rex. It is estimated that the specimen was around 10 meters long and weighed 6 tons. Like others in its family, the Zhuchengtyrannus is characterized by a large cranium and jaws, as well as tiny forearms. This massive beast lived in the late Cretaceous period and the bones have been dated at 70 million years old. The actual fossils that have been discovered are pieces of the jaw, teeth, and cranium.


According to David Hone, one of the paleontologists responsible for the discovery, the location of the fossils is equally important. Zhucheng, Shandong Province in China is one of the most fossil-rich sites in the world and more than 50 metric tons have been collected since 1960. The area was a flood plain in the Cretaceous period, leading to a wide variety of species being washed together. In fact, David Hone estimates that there may be another distinct species of Tyrannosaurus present, based on fragmentary fossils.

For more detailed information on the discovery, including ecology and taxonomy, check out his blog:


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