Understanding Tragedy, Through Literature

Last week, a magnitude 8.9 earthquake hit the coast of Japan, creating a tsunami that has devastated the country of Japan.  Tragedies like this can be difficult to explain to your children. Even at a young age, children are very attentive and they are able to pick up on adult conversations. They also may notice what you are watching on your television. It may be hard to approach these delicate subjects but there are ways to educate, while keeping their attention through narration and illustrations.

Pandas’ Earthquake Escape can help explain these emergencies through the use of animals, at a child’s own level.  Our hearts go out to the Japanese people, and in light of this terrible tragedy Sylvan Dell is offering the Pandas’ Earthquake Escape on our website FREE through the end of March.  All teaching activities and additional resources for Pandas’ Earthquake Escape are, as always, free.

Panda.phpPandas’ Earthquake Escape is a fictional story based on a real-life event. In real life, a Giant panda escaped from a panda reserve when an earth quake shook Northern China. Author Phyllis Perry uses the adventures of a mother panda and her one year old cub to teach children about earthquakes, animal survival, and to reinforce a mother’s instinct to protect her child. These vivid images are brought to life by illustrator Susan Detwiler. This title is sure to captivate your child’s attention while teaching them about real life crisis and survival during a natural disaster

Pandas’ Earthquake Escape received the Mom’s Choice Award Gold , and was a USA BOOK NEWS “Best Books 2010” Finalist. It has been reviewed by: Booklist, Children’s and Teen’s Book Connection, BookLoons, Homeschool Book Review .


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