How the Moon Regained Her Shape

The issue of bullying in schools has taken center stage in the news due to a string of suicides by bullied children. President Obama has called for greater awareness of the problem: “We’ve got to dispel the myth that bullying is just a normal rite of passage or an inevitable part of growing up. It’s not.” 

On October 26, the U. S. Department of Education released new guidelines for educators about how to combat bullying. If school administrators fail to properly deal with repeated discriminatory harassment based on gender, race, disability, or ethnicity, they risk being cited for contributing to a pattern of civil rights violations that could, in extreme cases, lead to a cut in federal funding.

Children’s book author Janet Ruth Heller knows exactly how it feels to be bullied at school. Heller was a victim of bullying throughout her childhood. When she began writing for children, Heller wanted to help other kids cope with bullies. Drawing on her own experiences, she wrote How the Moon Regained her Shape, a children’s picture book.  After the sun insults and bullies her, the moon gets very upset and shrinks. With the help of her friends, the moon slowly gains more self-confidence until she regains her happiness and her full size. The educational section in the back of the book features an essay by the author titled “How to Deal With Bullies.” Laura Goldberg, Ph.D., a child psychologist in Newburyport, Massachusetts, helped create these tips for the book.

Teachers can use How the Moon Regained Her Shape to help their children understand bullying and learn ways to cope with bullies.  

How the Moon Regained Her Shape is Sylvan Dell Publishing’s November featured eBook. Anyone can access this book for the entire month of November on the Sylvan Dell homepage. article:

See also the U. S. Department of Education Website:


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