Wolf Awareness Week

 Did you know wolves have acute hearing and an exceptional sense of smell – up to 100 times more sensitive than humans? Or that they have been known to run up to 40 mph and travel 120 miles in a single day? National Wolf Awareness Week, October 17-23, encourages people to eliminate misconceptions about wolves  and to look closely at the role these creatures play in maintaining a healthy ecosystem.

Defenders of Wildlife have led the effort to reintroduce wolves into Yellowstone National Park and Central Idaho since 1995.  Scientists have been documenting this transition and have observed  that today there is less overgrazing by elk, which creates more vegetation for food and rebuilding habitats. Wolves will continue to exert influence over species in a cascading effect, establishing themselves once again as the top predator while gradually restoring the ecosystem.

Scotti Cohn’s One Wolf Howls encourages children to ‘spend a year in the world of wolves’ making it a great read for Wolf Awareness Week. This adventurous picture book uses the months of the year and numbers 1 through 12 to examine the behavior of wolves in natural settings.  Susan Detwiler brings these behaviors to life through realistic illustrations that compliment the rhyming text.

As with all Sylvan Dell titles there are teaching activities and a For Creative Minds section at the back of every book to cement the learning. One Wolf Howls contains a wolf communication matching activity,  fun facts and information on their life cycle, and a calendar matching activity. For more information on this and other great titles, visit sylvandellpublishing.com.

National Wolf Awareness Week encourages conservation efforts not only for wolves, but for all wild species. For a complete list of events and activities taking place throughout the week, visit defenders.org.


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