World Oceans Day is Today!

What has no beginning, end or middle and touches every continent? …The Ocean!

Today marks the 3rd annual World Oceans Day! Did you know that the ocean covers nearly 71 percent of Earth’s surface or that more than 97 percent of all our plant’s water is contained in the ocean? I’d say that’s reason to celebrate!

Each year, World Oceans Day has a different theme to help people explore the wonders of the ocean. This year’s theme is  Oceans of Life. The adundance and diversity of life in the ocean is importan to humans for so many reasons. A healthy ocean with healthy marine life provides us with most of the oxygen we breathe, much of the food we eat, and other essentials we need to survive.

So, how exactly does one celebrate World Oceans Day? Here a few ideas to help you jumpstart your ocean celebration:

  • Spread the Word! Tell your friends and family about World Oceans Day, so they can learn how to keep our oceans clean and healthy.
  • Read a Sylvan Dell book! Reading “Ocean Hide and Seek” or “Ocean Seasons” is a great way to learn about the mysteries of the ocean.
  • Have an Aquatic Cleanup. Host a beach, river, lakeor wetland cleanup and help keep the world’s water clean.

Check out the World Oceans Day Web site to learn more about the day and what you can do to celebrate. Have a happy World Oceans Day!!


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