One Wolf Howls Wins Nautilus Book Award

“One Wolf Howls”, witten by Scotti Cohn and illustrated by Susan Detwiller, was recently awarded a Silver Nautilus Book award. “The Nautilus Awards recognize Books and Audio Books that promote spiritual growth, conscious living & positive social change,  while at the same time they stimulate the “imagination” and offer the reader “new possibilities” for a better life and a better world. “One Wolf Howls” won Silver in the Children’s Illustrated category.

“One Wolf Howls” is an adventurous children’s book that uses  the months of the year and the numbers 1 through 12 to introduce children to the behavior of wolves in natural settings. The lively, realistic illustrations of Susan Detwiler complement the rhyming text and bring each month to life. From January to December, howl, frolic, and dance, while learning important lessons page-by-page!

Cohn has always had a special place in her heart and mind for wolves. Years of reading, watching television and film specials about wolves, listening to recordings of wolves, and visits to wolf sanctuaries all provided incentive for her to write “One Wolf Howls.” Her purpose is to share her fascination with these magnificent creatures and to encourage children to develop understanding and concern for the plight of wolves in the wild.  

Publisher’s Weekly writes:

Detwiler invokes just the right amount of romanticism: her wolves tussle in the purple rays of a frigid sunrise and dance, silhouetted, in the falling shadows of twilight—but they’re always unmistakably wild. Readers should be captivated by the animals’ resilient joie de vivre as well as by their habitats’ seasonal glories. 

With reviews like this, it is no wonder the book took home a Silver!

For more information on the Nautilus Book Awards and winners visit:


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