May’s Featured eBook: “What’s the Difference?”

With May 21st  marking the 5th annual Endangered Species Day, we thought it would be the perfect opportunity to showcase Suzanne Slade’s new spring 2010 release,”What’s the Difference,”  as our featured eBook. One goal of Endangered Species Day is to increase education and public awareness about our endangered species. Suzanne Slade along with illustrator Joan Waites have created a pefect way to introduce the topic to children.

In What’s the Difference?, children will learn about the huge difference caring people make for endangered animals while  practicing subtraction skills. What’s the Dfference? is the sequel to Slade’s popular addition title, What’s New at the Zoo?. Slade presents a new subtraction problem in each clever rhyming verse.  The colorful watercolors include realistic animals set in lush spreads. What’s the Difference celebrates our precious animals while practicing math skills along the way!

When asked about her inspiration for this title, Slade said,”I recently completed several non-fiction titles about endangered animals. In my research for those books, I discovered the extraordinary ways scientists, conservationists, and everyday people are helping these precious animals, and was pleasantly surprised to learn that some are making an amazing recovery. You can find many books which explain why certain animals have become endangered, but I wanted to write an encouraging book which also shared the ways people are helping endangered animals and how children can get involved. The educational subtraction component of this book is a natural followup to my addition title, What’s New at the Zoo?.

Help educate our children about endangered species with What’s the Difference?! The eBook access is located on the Sylvan Dell home page.



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