April Fools!

Every year we search high and low for new ways to prank each other on April Fools Day. This year, Google UK may win the prize for most creative. According to a news story on TDIV.com, the mega web-crawling corporation has  released a new android app that will allow people to translate sounds from various species into language that people can understand. Is it possible to bridge the gap of communication between species? Maybe sometime in the future, but today I’m skeptical:)

Here’s a link to the creative story: http://www.thisdishisvegetarian.com/2010/04/0291google-uk-introduces-translate-for.html


Either way, wouldn’t it be cool if animals really could tell us what they were thinking? Sure dogs and cats have evolved to be able to communicate with their friendly pet owners, but imagine lions and cyotes and turtles being able to do the same? “Hey! Don’t dump that here! My kids are in that nest!” Maybe we would be a lot more careful about the way we treat their natural habitats…

That is a lesson Loran Wlodarski tries to instill in his young readers with Felina’s New Home. Suzanne Slade has a similar motive with her 2010 title, What’s the Difference? If making animals talk is what it takes for them to grab our attention, maybe anthropomorphism isn’t such a bad thing after all.


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